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A Texan Commute

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Capturing the Shot

As an artist, I am always seeking to capture the essence of the human experience, and my latest piece of art is no exception.

The photograph features a man reared up on horseback, pointing a pistol directly at the camera, in a striking image that speaks to the juxtaposition of the old and new worlds, and the unique way of life that is so deeply ingrained in the Texas identity..

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Growing up in Texas, I often found myself fielding questions from people around the world, who were curious about whether I rode my horse to school or work. While this may have been a common mode of transportation in the past, it is no longer a practical reality for most Texans. However, I wanted to create a piece of art that represented the spirit of the Texas way of life, while also showcasing the way that old and new worlds collide in our rapidly evolving world.

The resulting photograph is a stunning representation of this intersection, with a man on horseback standing tall on a bridge in downtown Dallas, pointing his pistol directly at the camera. While this image may seem jarring or unusual to some, to those of us who live and breathe the Texas way of life, it is simply a natural part of the landscape.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create works that capture the timeless and contemporary elements of the human experience, and this piece is a prime example of this approach. Through the use of striking imagery and careful composition, I seek to create works that inspire, provoke thought, and capture the essence of the world around us.

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