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Thundering Giants

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Capturing the Shot

As I stood there in the vastness of the Serengeti, watching the elephants slowly make their way across the savannah, a feeling of awe washed over me. These creatures are so much more than just animals; they are beings with deep emotional connections to one another, a family with a bond that cannot be broken. As I raised my camera to capture this moment, I knew that black and white was the only way to do these magnificent creatures justice. In monochrome, their rough and wrinkled skin, the determination in their eyes, and the sheer size of their frames are emphasized.

They are timeless, almost otherworldly in their power and grace. And yet, above them looms a storm cloud, a reminder that even these giants are not invincible. It serves as a symbol of the challenges and struggles that these creatures face in their daily lives, from encroaching human development to poaching and climate change. Through this image, I hope to convey the profound importance of these animals, not just as part of the ecosystem but as sentient beings with a rich inner life. They are truly the thundering giants of the savannah.

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