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A Texan Commute

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Capturing the Shot

As a photographer, “A Texan Commute” represents a project that was meticulously planned and executed, stemming from a vision I had. The image captures the very essence of Texas culture -a fusion of the old and new worlds that makes this state so captivating.

Inspired by the idea of portraying a lone cowboy on horseback against the backdrop of Dallas’ iconic skyline, I set out to bring this vision to life. It required dedicated effort to find the perfect horse trainer, someone who understood the essence of the cowboy way of life and could work harmoniously with the horse to achieve the desired effect. With Dan and his crew on board, I knew we were one step closer to making the image I had envisioned a reality.

Of course, such a daring and unique project would require careful coordination. Convincing the fire department to help us close down the bridge was no small feat, but with persistence and a shared passion for creating something extraordinary, we were granted the necessary support.

With all the elements in place, we created as controlled and safe environment as possible for the cowboy and his horse to shine against the urban backdrop. The results were breathtaking a powerful visual narrative that challenged stereotypes and celebrated the enduring spirit of Texas.

Behind the Scenes   Behind the Scenes   Behind the Scenes   Behind the Scenes

“A Texan Commute” embodies the essence of collaboration, dedication, and vision. It is a testament to the creativity and determination of the entire team, all working together to capture a moment that represents the heart and soul of Texas. As a photographer, I am immensely proud of this achievement, and I hope this image continues to inspire others and showcase the timeless connection between tradition and progress in our Lone Star State.

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